According to a decision made by the Division I Board of Directors on Wednesday, student-athletes who transfer to a different institution would have their financial assistance secured at that school until they graduate. The board held their meeting online.

This modification, along with the other revisions to transfer regulations that have been recommended by the Division I Transformation Committee, is designed to provide greater clarity for student-athletes and member schools regarding the transfer landscape that exists across all sports. The revised guidelines will become effective immediately.

Jere Morehead, president of the University of Georgia and chair of the Board of Directors, stated that the decision to adopt the transfer proposal today reflects the Board’s commitment to enacting transformational changes in college sports. “The decision to adopt the transfer proposal today reflects the Board’s commitment to enacting transformative changes in college sports,”

Any school that takes athletics into consideration when awarding scholarships to transfer student-athletes is now required by NCAA rules to continue providing that scholarship for the remainder of a student’s five-year eligibility or until they complete the requirements for their bachelor’s degree, whichever comes first. The only exceptions to this rule are if the student transfers to another school or pursues opportunities to participate in professional athletics.

College athletes in any sport shall continue to retain their immediate eligibility when transferring to a new school for the first time, provided that they provide written communication to their previous institutions within the allotted time frame for notification of transfer.


The following notification-of-transfer periods were approved by the board of directors:

  • For fall sports, the 45-day window begins the day after the championships selections are made in their event and continues through May 1-15, whichever comes first.
    • Participants in the title games for the Football Bowl Subdivision and the Football Championship Subdivision will be afforded all the reasonable accommodations that are possible.
  • The 60-day timeframe for winter sports begins the day after the championships choices are made in the sport.
  • The dates December 1-15, or a 45-day window commencing the day after choices are made in the sport, are the ones that apply to spring sports. Student-athletes who go through a change in head coaches or who have their athletics aid decreased, canceled, or not renewed are exempt from the new time periods, as a result of a provision in the legislation that specifies these exceptions.

The board of directors also decided to adopt new standards for immediate eligibility waivers for student-athletes who do not otherwise qualify for the one-time transfer exception. These new standards place more of an emphasis on the student-well-being athlete’s or on circumstances that are beyond the student-control. athlete’s

The board made the decision not to enact a new exception to the transfer rules, which would have permitted student-athletes to transfer multiple times and be immediately eligible if they met the requirements for progress-toward-degree at their new school. This decision was made in light of the fact that the board chose not to enact the new exception. On the other hand, the board is resolute in its determination to carry on with the examination of the impact that the new transfer restrictions will have, both in the short term and the long term.

According to Morehead, “Just like their classmates in the general student population, college athletes make the decision to transfer for any number of different reasons.” “We believe that the modifications that were implemented today will allow member schools to adjust to the needs of their students, while also setting them up for academic achievement in the long run. These modifications to the rules of the NCAA acknowledge that additional research on graduation rates is required before we can even think about granting numerous transfer possibilities with immediate eligibility. As the situation develops over time, we are going to keep analyzing whether or not there should be any changes to the transfer rules.”

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